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3567 Main Street Route 7A

Manchester Village, VT 05254



We feel the best time to enjoy the Equinox is during the folliage season. This historic hotel was built in the 1770s by an early Manchester settler who began taking guests in 1811. Their cozy, warrenlike common rooms are a walk in the past with uneven pine floors, out-of-true doors, and everything painted in earthy, colonial tones. The antique furniture re-creates the feel of the house during the Federal period. A delightful English-style pub lies off the entryway, complete with tankards hanging from the beams.

The Equinox is ideally located in a quiant village fo Manchester. Its a perfect location for renting a bike or walking aound to see the colors.

Adding to the ambiance are fireplaces, canopied beds, private porches, authentic antiques, and prized artworks. The only difficult part was hearing our neighboring doors slam shut. But we needed to consider that part of the charm.